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#IndigenousReads is a literature colloquium dedicated to very contemporary literature by Indigenous writers from Turtle Island. We meet monthly to discuss the texts and their socio-historical implications.


The setting is friendly and informal; it resembles a book club more than a university course. We gather students, staff, and local guests, the only requirement being to read the books. Students from the EUCOR network (Universities of Freiburg, Basel, Strasbourg, and Mulhouse) can apply for their travel expenses to be reimbursed by the international office from their home university. 

In March 2019, I received a development grant from the Adolf Haeuser Foundation. As of the beginning of the Summer 2020 semester, I purchased 44 books by Indigenous writers for this colloquium, which have been circulated among students more than 60 times, and remain available for check out to any member of the community at any time. I am grateful for this grant and the wonderful opportunity it provided us with.


I want to extend a warm Thank you! to Dr. Shawn Huelle, from the Carl Schurz Haus, for purchasing the books on our program each semester and making them available to our members and to the greater Freiburg reading community at the American Library.


I also want to thank my colleagues Sissy Braüer, Dawson Highland, and Junia Michels for their continuous help with advertising our program on campus and in the media. Last but not least, I thank the students, colleagues, and friends who join the conversation every month. 

Image by Eugenio Mazzone
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